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Posted By: Mrrzy
13-Feb-21 - 03:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hospital in Brighton has gone bonkers
Subject: RE: BS: Hospital in Brighton has gone bonkers
Back to the OP issue:

My initial reaction was, if nearly all of the people having babies are female, it is *reasonable* to assume that any given laboring individual is female. The few exceptions can correct that assumption if they wish to, right?

And I thought that as a non-cis, nonbinary person. I am not offended if people assume I am the gender I look like, and I don't correct strangers. I *do* correct my kith, colleagues and kin, and the appropriate 3rd-person pronoun to refer to me in my presence is They...


Then I remembered how annoying it was when everybody assumed I was xian, when I first moved to Virginia, and even more so with kids in public elementary schools. I have spent decades now trying to remind various authorities to remember that other religions, and atheism, also exist.

I am pleased as punch when politicians, especially, refer to people of "all faiths and none" (Blair, after 9.11) or people of faith "and people of conviction" (Tim Kaine, on the campaign trail).

So I have reversed my original reflex of Oh, come on. It really, really, when you are in a tiny minority, is *nice* to have your existence remembered.