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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
13-Feb-21 - 11:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hospital in Brighton has gone bonkers
Subject: RE: BS: Hospital in Brighton has gone bonkers
Celebrities generally tend not to be the brightest of sparks;
so it's no surprise if it seriously backfires into triggered mass backlash
when they think they are being clever on social media...

Gina Carano being the latest prime example of a celeb
who does not have enough sense to know when to stop typing and posting...

Serves her right...???

Though J. K. Rowling is probably a more intelligent and liberal celeb
than Carano.

Rowling has a much better justified position to argue back against a hostile fanatical minority..

This 'war' between feminists and trans activists is a godsend for right wing media like the mail,
who can exploit this opportunity for fomenting divide and rule strife
between two progressive movements...

Reactionary media like the mail will gratuitously bash both feminists and trans at the same time;
depicting them as 'extremist fascistic woke lefty academic cults'
manipulating the law to impose their 'loony' demands and terms
on 'normal' mass society...

Voices of moderate feminists and trans who have much in common to agree on,
just get ignored by the right wing media agenda to stamp down on any progressive movements in society...

Again, IMHO..
.. and this all gets further complicated if we consider that a lot of feminists and trans
are basically very right wing leaning self-centred arseholes..
But I'm not writing a degree essay,
just filling in time between household chores...