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Posted By: Jeri
13-Feb-21 - 09:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hospital in Brighton has gone bonkers
Subject: RE: BS: Hospital in Brighton has gone bonkers
I remember the Rowling tweet that necessitated the manifesto, but I can't find it now. It seemed to me that manifesto was meant to back-pedal a bit, because she got a huge backlash.

General observation, and it pretty much goes for any subject:
people read something, decide, without any doubt or leniency, which side they're on, and slam into it at 100 mph.

Things are NEVER that one-sided. Nothing is, not the right or wrong of an issue, not black or white, not male or female, even.

The "rulings" about language are stupid. They probably got made (if it's actually true) because people are too stupid or boorish, or whatever the right term is, to just be nice. I say this because of the apparent resentment some have to being expected to be nice. Obviously, some people need that,

But they (if it's actually true) are stupid. How is anyone going to be able to identify the idiots if they speak like a nice person?

For the record, women have breasts, and men have...breasts. Women breast feed because of hormones. If a person who was born male has those hormones, they can breast feed. Give breast milk. From THEIR BREASTS. So the article (if it's actually true) obviously didn't consult any of the medical people at that hospital.

But, wait... it's the Daily Mail, right?

Daniel Radcliffe's reply.
a brief explanation of the whole thing.
This automatic slamming-to-the-extreme does get in the way of communicating. If someone focused on every obnoxious-to-them thing I say, that's all the conversation would be about. Nothing else would ever get through that filter. People/extremists being assholes, and people/extremists reacting to people being assholes. Knock it off and go have a beer, or talk about music or something.

But, wait... it's the Internet, right?

Peace, out.