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Posted By: JennieG
16-Jan-21 - 12:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: Check in Mudcatters world wide
Subject: RE: BS: Check in Mudcatters world wide
Also here in Australia, our town hasn't had a case of covid since April 2020 - nigh on nine months. Several highways pass through here so of course we can't shut ourselves off completely from the outside world, but people here are sensible - although mask wearing is rare; we may see just one or two when doing our weekly food shop.

If we are told that we cannot set foot outside without wearing a mask, then I will stay home. It's not about my 'personal liberties' or such rubbish - I cannot breathe with one on; it goes back to childhood trauma. Masks are also a problem for those (like Himself) who wear both glasses and hearing aids, as there is only so much 'real estate' behind one's ears - and of course masks make it difficult for the hard-of-hearing who, while not completely deaf, rely partly on lip reading to understand what is being said.

We can travel within our state so are hopefully planning a trip south to visit family in early April. The weekly Zoom chat is not the same as being together, and it has been over a year since we were in the same room - and will be two years since we met up with son's parents-in-law.

Goodness knows when we will be able - if ever - to be with our Canaussian son and his partner again. People are finding it difficult to return from overseas because of cuts in numbers; mandatory quarantine means that all arrivals have to isolate in a hotel for two weeks at their own expense. If we ever go to Canada again (which looks very unlikely) we may have trouble getting back home, and if our son comes here he will be faced with the same issues.

So......we just sit here, and read, and I sew, and I knit, and I sometimes play music when the mood strikes (which isn't very often).