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Posted By: robomatic
15-Jan-21 - 10:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: 2021 vaccination thread
Subject: RE: BS: 2021 vaccination thread
Getting the vaccine in Anchorage:

The State of Alaska had a well-defined and tiered list of priorities, the highest being health providers, and then older citizens. But the officials a few days later combined the older citizens into the top tier based on two reasons, that the State didn’t have that many in the age group to constitute its own class or prevent the health workers from getting theirs, and, since a priority would be given to native or ‘bush’ inhabitants and the value of elders was high in those communities. So maybe a week ago the age range of 65 or older went to the high priority area.

Many of us had issues with the website which I found poorly designed and clumsy. I think it is still being developed while it is being used.

There are many vaccine clinic sites in town, but my friends got their shots at the Anchorage School District Education Center. I was told they were taking walk-ins for the rest of the day. So without thinking very much I got in the car and went right over.

Right Decision.

It took about five minutes before I was in a warm indoor line, moving along pretty quickly. I don’t know who did the initial set-up, but the plan was to activate the municipal school administration and especially school nurses, who were on salary but not in the schools, which are about to be re-opened. Who better to give you the vaccine than a school nurse? Some of the waiting around was because the staff defrosted the cold vaccine in lots since it had to be used within a short period of time. This also explained having people wait listed who might not otherwise meet the criteria. For every defrosted dose, a warm and willing arm.

So once there and in line I experienced friendliness, informality matched with efficiency. As always when faced with the possibility of a line I’d brought a sudoku. As it happened, one of my Starbucks friends was in the same line and we got caught up. The nurse who got me was likewise friendly and informative. Again, who better than a school nurse? I was given a couple of sheets printed with FAQs and they went to extra trouble to answer my specific questions. The actual shot was barely noticeable. I was given a stamped paper square with the vacine name and lot number, and then went into a waiting room where they monitored me for 15 minutes for reaction (none), and had me leave my email address and phone number and make an online appointment for my second shot. I was in and out in under two hours. All at no charge.

So far no change in outdoor behavior. Still maintain social distance. Still use a mask. The second shot is in four weeks. Apparently it is possible to have a stronger reaction at the second shot.

The feeling I've got is that it needed to be done, could've taken longer but now I know I've done what I can not to be a problem to others. I have no sense of invulnerability, maybe just a hair less vulnerability.