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Posted By: sian, west wales
01-Mar-01 - 11:23 AM
Thread Name: Help: 'Sol Fa' Music Notation
Subject: RE: Help: 'Sol Fa' Music Notation
Good heavens, didn't you guys have it in school? We had it in Canada ... but it was on its way out at that point (1960s). The Welsh took to it in a Big Way, and hymn books are still available here in Sol-ffa. (Staff notation being Hen Nodiant, or "old notation") Many still swear by it. There is, however, at least one example of the system being roundly condemned; there's a long ballad in the National Library (of Wales) by a Jane Hughes, around 1820 - very vitriolic about this (or any) system which tries to control the spirit of the singing, dictating notes and tempo.

Interesting that the Asian system is similar ... and one has strong suspicions that the two are connected due to British missionary work in India. i.e. the Cassian way of counting has many words similar to Welsh because of the Methodist missionaries.

Re: ABC ... I always found it annoying that the computer world invented ABC (I'm assuming) when there already was a perfecting good system - with scores of, well, ... scores - already available.