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13-Jan-21 - 03:16 PM
Thread Name: Lady Keith's Lament guitar part help?
Subject: RE: Lady Keith's Lament guitar part help?
Thanks for that Nick. I have the polyphonic version of Melodyne but haven't used it for a while. My own experience of it (from using it to translate guitar parts to MIDI) is that it's easily confused by overtones, and so complex polyphonic parts usually need a lot of tidying up - oftentimes notes will be confused with notes an octave or a fifth higher.

Haven't used Reaper for a while either - last I used it, they were talking about a deeper Melodyne integration of some kind, I wonder if they progressed from that. I used to use Sonar, and that had awesome Melodyne integration. You could simply right click on a clip and turn it into a Melodyne clip - no need to insert as FX, or "load" audio into Melodyne. You could even drag a clip to the time ruler, and it would create a tempo map based on the clip! Absolutely awesome for synchronizing drums/synths etc to a guitar part that was played without a click. It's actually quite clever at time sigs/tempo which is why I was surprised it misread the time sig for this track.

Ha, Blackwaterside in DADGAD. I wonder why everyone seems to presume this? I went for years thinking it was in DADGAD until I actually transcribed it and realized it was plain old vanilla drop-D.