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Posted By: Harris Lambrakis
08-Oct-98 - 09:06 AM
Thread Name: Modes?
Subject: RE: Modes?
Hi all of you!! The ancient Greek (or Hellenic) modes have different names from that of Middle Ages. The ancient names is (the notes are in the white keys of piano):

From b to B (descending) is Mixolydian from c to C (descending) is Lydian from d to D (descending) is Phrygian from e to E (descending) is Dorian* from f to F (descending) is Hypolydian* from g to G (descending) is Hypophrygian from a to A (descending) is Hypodorian

*)The Dorian mode was the most important mode in the Ancient years *)The word "Hypo" means in today's Byzantane praxis a mode a fifth lower than the basic mode but in ancient Greek music means a mode a 4th upper.

The ancient Greeks heard probably the intervals in a different mode that we can hear in present days.

Blessings Harris.