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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
21-Nov-20 - 06:03 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020

"I initially got one to put next to the dog stall in the garage and I wanted something that didn't have any exposed elements, that would turn off if it was tipped over, and was warm, not hot enough to burn oneself on. I later put one in the greenhouse. I use that one with a plug that detects the temperature outside and when it gets to a certain low it powers on until it reaches a particular high temperature. The range is on at 35o and off at 45o. Anyway, look up "heat cube" or "thermo cube" for those. (I think I remember Dorothy getting some of those years ago, we talked about this before.)"

This also comes in a higher range (45-55 I think). But must have that special outlet, as in bathrooms. I could only find it on Amazon. It is terrific for the need here.

Thank you for the mask offer, Maggie. I found mine - designed for environmental sensitivity - the same day C found the will! In the SAFE place - the plastic envelope containing important papers (like passport) with which I travel back and forth. Maybe I need to make a list, keep a log book of where things are... I have made a comprehensive PW list and made two copies to put in safe places where
I hopefully will find at least one. And made more business cards for the Shop while the printer was working. The one at Dupont is having a problem.

So got home to Beaver yesterday and, after pit stop, went up to the Shop and chatted with Pat, the ring leader, remembered to leave half dozen spider plants! and came home to start recuperation. At least I had brought supper with me! This am, started out with a couple errands - thrift shop for books, "Pop Shoppe" to order large chunk of 2 year old WHITE cheese, Home Hardware - nope we never carried that (terrific velcro strips that really stick and hold) and then to Shop with the box of new stuff, bought somewhere, sometime in the past for some long forgotten reason.

There were too many people there! I felt as though I'd walked into a hornet nest! Left the box and asked Pat to please price things for me. She is far better at it than I, and happy to do so.

Then sat in car and phoned my long time - over 85 year old - friend whose husband died on 12th. This is one of those where he never told her anything! Fortunately, her, almost 60, son and 3 grandkids, and ex DIL are being incredible. Hard phone call. I had been going to visit, but the road to her place is long, winding and steep for about 30 min; I consider it life threatening in July; with rain threatening and freezing weather... I will try to make the burial on Monday. Tomorrow is a snow day. Monday might not be good either, but son will be there 'til Friday. It might stop precipitating!

When safely home, call from son, very close friend whom I pulled through a rough stretch about 35 years ago. He admitted to alcohol problem, as I had heard from Mother and ex wife; I suspect he was already under influence and I admonished him sharply -gently sharply as he is far more rocked by dad's death than he expected. The fact that Mom NEEDS him, can make it better or worse. His daughter is a nurse and very solid and has offered, a gratefully accepted, grannie flat in her home until mom can get into a retirement apt. Mom will be well cared for.

Having performed what the family considers a "miracle intervention" 35 years ago, it weighs heavily on me that they really are hoping for another one. I only found out about his alcohol problem in the last year. Parents never told me during any of my faithful visits with them. I gave him "what for" and "your mom needs you", and your children - what about Neil (the youngest who is clearly on the path). Well, I can only do what I can do. Oh dear!!!!! I am going to go read about octopuses. Apparently "octopi" is incorrect!