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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
21-Nov-20 - 02:00 AM
Thread Name: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia
Subject: RE: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia
ASIO by John Dengate (words from My Shout, 1982)

ASIO! where we photograph and file Ďem!
ASIO! for political asylum ...

Iím very seldom feted, Iím poorly educated
I feel Iím underrated by the crown
But I can tell subversion from sexual perversion,
When Iím on excursion round your town.

ASIO! where we photograph and file Ďem,
ASIO! the political asylum.

ASIO! from the arctic to the jungle
ASIO! we invariably bungle.

From Caringbah to Cairo, Iím ready with my biro,
I fire like a pyromaniac
I can tell by intuition, if youíre guilty of sedition,
But Iím hampered in my mission by the brains I lack.

ASIO! etc.

Youíre a radical rebelling! Whatís your name and place of dwelling?
(Could you help me with the spelling, Iím a wee bit pissed)
I must be very canny, look in every nook and cranny,
Why Iíve even got my granny on the suspect list.

ASIO! etc.

If you keep participating, in the nasty demonstrating,
Or I catch you masturbating, youíll be on my files.
Yes! security is vital and to ascertain itís tight Iíll
Sit here prying day and night until I get the piles.

ASIO! etc

Away we go! (Never mind the trauma)
It pays, you know, I'm an ASIO informer.

Jane Scott singing ASIO & Dale talking about her & John's ASIO files!