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Posted By: Donuel
20-Nov-20 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: 2020 national election, USA - BIDEN wins Nov 7
Subject: RE: BS: 2020 national election, USA - BIDEN wins Nov 7
Trump is sullen and depressed for losing, which opens him up to prosecution despite any pardon he may try to confer upon himself.
But more than that he is facing the fact he will never become a multi billionaire. While it may never become public, there is circumstantial evidence that Trump could have been a 20% owner of Russian state oil profits in exchange for removing sanctions against Russia and allowing Pompeo to have Exxon explore and drill for oil in Russia. Do you remember Pompeo's previous job?
I am sure Trump thought he had 4 more years to make his priority of becoming truly one of the big boys and reintroduce his push to remove santions against Russia which was defeated last time around.

I could be wrong but I would not be surprised if I were right.
I am sure the Cheeto holds money above family, country and legacy.
Putin will have to cultivate a new useful idiot and stooge.
Don Jr. in 24?    Naw
W Bush has made people leary of sons of previous 1 term presidents.
Tucker Carlson?   meh
The real John Q-Anon? ugh
Mitch? maybe -   with chin implants and stopping the botox shots he could be ressurected as the bold new recipe for the GOP
With enough plastic surgury he can be rebuilt, we have the technology.