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Posted By: Steve Shaw
18-Nov-20 - 09:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: 2020 national election, USA - BIDEN wins Nov 7
Subject: RE: BS: 2020 national election, USA - BIDEN wins Nov 7
I suspect that inertia will prevent electoral college reform, just as reform of the Commons here has long been sidelined. The electoral college seems to favour the Republican party, as we've seen several times, egregiously in 2016. The current system here of 650 MPs in uneven-sized constituencies tends to favour Labour, or at least has done in the past. Mutterings about changing it to something ostensibly fairer get muted whenever the Tories get in anyway, which is most of the time. A big deal this end would be constituency boundary changes. In my neck of the woods there has been much outrage generated in both Cornwall and England about the suggested formation of a constituency that would go across the county border in order to even up numbers of electors. Devonwall is a very dirty word in these parts!

Maybe it wouldn't be half so bad in the US if it wasn't winner-takes-all in each state. The last couple of times in Florida, for example, seats-to-votes would have been 15-14 to the Republicans both times. But, both times, they took the whole 29 instead. Of course, it could work the other way in other states. I'll leave you yanks to get your heads round the statistics of that.