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Posted By: Donuel
18-Nov-20 - 12:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: A person of color and a colored person
Subject: RE: BS: A person of color and a colored person
Thats more Jewish than me since my step dad was 100% Jewish.
He was a clerk in the US Army in London but saw action in Germany at the end of the war. By clever paper schuffling and clerk magic fairy dust he managed to adopt me from a Liebensborne orphanage in Dusseldorf at the urging from a rabbi that said it would be a mitzvah and atonement for killing nazis. While most GI were bringing home booty, my step dad brought me to America to meet my step mom. My biological parents were probably strangers to each other but its unknown. As a pig in a poke I probably was a disappointment since I was not a scholar or avid reader early on probably due to dyslexia. I did very poorly with languages.
Starting with Hebrew study to be bar mitvahed I was given the choice of religious studies or not. I chose not, but more or less I identified with the culture.
Later on I heard that Ghandi advised a Hindu to adopt a Muslim man's son after a tragic killing and bring up the boy as a Muslim to attone. There were a couple of moral parallels but sort of opposite to my history. One thing is for sure - I'm walking proof that there was no master race.

One interesting irony was that my first girl friend from Guatamala was the child of a German couple who escaped Germany and joined the grandfather who was an archeologist unearthing the Mayan civiliztion.
What does this mean? Mostly that would be a waste of time for me. :^/