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Posted By: Mr Red
17-Nov-20 - 06:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: A person of color and a colored person
Subject: RE: BS: A person of color and a colored person
I've said it so many times, language is communication.

If the conversation is about football, the word should be inclusive and acknowledge there are female type blokettes who play the bountiful (sic) game.

If there are a group of people of various ethnic origins - how do you define any one of them? In the Arsenal shirt? In the same team? With the big nose? Er, slippery slope there. By name? Not if it is nebulous.

Labels are there to aid communication, fergawdsake green is a label. If you object to labels, accept being ignored.

Time was when dark, without qualification, referred hair colour first. In the UK anyway.

It is typical of PC to trip itself up when a person is trying desperately to demonstrate inclusivity and is hectored by the folks who he is trying to please. Not that I care about one wit football BTW. There is too much of it right up to the top of politics. And both of those are a religion IMNSHO.