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Posted By: robomatic
13-Nov-20 - 03:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: A person of color and a colored person
Subject: RE: BS: A person of color and a colored person
Alaska is quite interesting in the large indigenous population that has made this part of the world their home for thousands of years. I had a job that took me into what we call "The Bush" but consists of up to sixty towns or villages that can only be reached by aircraft, boat, or sled-team. They are diversified into two main types: "Eskimos" and "Indians". If you are uncertain of whom you are dealing with, you use the term "Native". Alaska has also adopted a term that maybe came from Canada: "First Families". As part of the evolving nature of language and social movements, I detect a move away from the term Eskimo, particularly among the younger generation. It doesn't get used or printed very much.
For years I worked for a company owned by a Native Corporation, which displayed many posters and had many native language messages of cultural pride. This was shared, not imposed, and I went to seminars where Native concepts of family and language were taught. Maybe the most important thing to learn was that we are all subject to change and development regardless of our origina. We are all being in one way or another dragged into the present by the changing nature of the world. the realization that we are all subject to these forces and that we can assist each other in meeting the changes is a constant source of my optimism.