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Posted By: Donuel
21-Oct-20 - 07:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: 2020 national election, USA - BIDEN wins Nov 7
Subject: RE: BS: 2020 national election, USA
This is not your typical tweedle dee or tweedledumb choice this election. It is more like his excellency Dungmold J Trounce vs. citizen Joey. Ignorant bullies will unite behind their like minded Fuerer. Yes this includes police who were drawn to the bully force in the first place. I have heard a Police Captain in an unguarded moment and he sounded like a mini Turdp and confused insult with power. We have seen a rethinking of our civil war and its monuments. Trump will not be forgotten but will become a martyr for terrorists as long as the 1865 civil war rememberance and will remind the haters how close they got to a 4th Reich. Its not over for a long time and the past has not passed.
Yes Mrrzy I am capable of more than parroting facts. I can do parody, editorializing, opinion, historical resemblance and epic cartoons.
It burns Joe O's toast but thats the way the kook e-crumbles.