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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
31-Jul-20 - 02:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Check in Mudcatters world wide
Subject: RE: BS: Check in Mudcatters world wide
I had knee replacement surgery in mid-February and a home health PT came to work with me on exercises and walking for the next three weeks. She took my temperature and used the pulse oximeter each visit. Realizing that my old slow digital thermometer was barely up to the task I ordered a new digital "no touch" thermometer in the end of February. Turns out to have been good timing as places ran out for a while. I was intent on taking my temperature in case I developed an infection from the surgery that might be detected that way.

Since then I had to cut the out-patient PT short as places shut down in March, but I continued to take my temperature every day. It's only one part of the story of symptoms should I ever be exposed, but it establishes a normal baseline.

I make note of anywhere I visit on those rare occasions I go out to do my own contact tracing.

It's an ongoing battle in the garden to keep the worst pests at bay. I canned a case and a third of tomatoes and am hoping for enough okra and cucumbers this fall to make pickles. The garden is very small and went in late (due to the knee) and while I have the space to make it larger, it's too damned hot out to do that kind of digging and tilling now. Today is 91o because we're in a "cold front." Usually it's up around 100o.

I have an outdoor shower that runs off of the garden hose outside on my back patio. It's wonderful to use after dark. Turn off the porch light back there and no one can see anything, though I don't have any neighbors out the back (it's a wooded creek) and on either side they're far enough away to have no view in.

I'm still making and giving masks to friends and family, and occasionally take small commissions.

Stay safe everyone! Wear the mask! Sorry if this is a repeat - a lot hasn't changed, but I didn't go all of the way back to see what I wrote before. I did look at Ebbie's post again and I do wish someone would help a dog come into her life! Mine are sometimes a handful (I have a training collar on the blue heeler now as I work with her on some of her barking issues) but they are always good company.