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Posted By: Barbara
06-Oct-98 - 02:16 PM
Thread Name: Modes?
Subject: RE: Modes?
Dang, how'd I do that? Here's the rest of the message:
I don't know about the scientific reasons for the tension, but each different mode has a different emotional feel to it for me. I've read others talk about this too. I really like mixolydian with its flatted seventh. It feels just a little different, a little more open ended to me.
I have read songwriters telling that opening and/or closing a line on the 5th note of the Ionic scale (sort of mixolydian) gives a tune a more plaintive feel.
And I remember Helen Schneyer saying that what she loved was a song that went to the IV chord in such a way as to bring tears to her eyes. (example she used was "The Sheath and Knife -- broom blooms bonny version).
Dorian and aeolian are minors, but dorian sounds older and more mysterious to me.
Seems to me that music is a way to bypass our ratiocinations, our thinking, and go straight for the heart and gut.
Which is what makes it so powerful.
For me, there is something even more powerful about the combination of words and music. Something about the way a song tells a story, that makes it one of the most powerful ways we have to reach each other.
Barbara PS Peter, do you play a dulcimer? Would I have heard you at Harmony?