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Posted By: GUEST,Bruce O.
24-Feb-01 - 02:53 AM
Thread Name: ABC player and tune plotter
Subject: ABC player and tune plotter
I've added a frill to the ABC player on my website. You can now specify up to 10 tunes of your choice, from a single large file of ABCs, for simultaneous plotting, offset one above the other.

The vertical position is the logarithm of the frequency (or number of semitones) for a given note, and the horizonal position is proportional to time from the start of the tune. Starting point is changeable in an edit subroutine and you can compress or expand the time for tunes (one at a time). [Those nasty dips one somtimes gets are rests, 'z', they can't go to 0 on a logarithmic scale, so they go to C in my 0 octave = 16.5 Hz, where you can't hear them.]

Further details can be found in the file USEABZ.TXT on my website.

No account is taken of timing change, M:mspec, or key change, K:kspec/ J:jspec, so tunes with these in them won't be completely accurate after such a change.

I hope this will prove of some use, because I sure couldn't sell it on the basis of beauty of the plots. That they surely aren't.