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Posted By: Senoufou
07-Apr-20 - 03:37 AM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Mela apparently always eats the meaty bits from poor creatures, then leaves a nice selection of guts, tails and heads on the floor. By now it should look like a charnel house!
Naughty naughty Sam the Skull came to our BACK door this morning. That's BinkyWinky's terrain. Hr had such a smirk on his face. I got a dish of food and waved it in front of him to get him into our kitchen, through the house and out the front door. If not, there'll be a terrible fight when Binky comes forth in about an hour. Sam is a savage gnasher of any rivals.
I then put out some bits for the birds on the lawn, and a huge selection of my avian friends arrived. Crows, starlings, blackbirds, a robin, the fat wood pigeons.
Husband calls it my zoo!
Speaking of which, I heard about that poor tiger with Covid in the zoo Donuel. Interesting but very sad.