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Posted By: Mr Red
18-Mar-20 - 03:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: New rules for Grocery shopping
Subject: RE: BS: New rules for Grocery shopping
I have no idea why grass and leaves are added to the water before boiling - presume it adds longer fibres to re-cycled paper. BTW the Romans used a sponge on a stick, hence the expression "don't get the wrong end of the stick". And if you suffer diarrhea, the soapy cloth and warm water not only cleans, but prevents/reduces after-burn. Sitting over the edge of the bath and running the tap is not such a faff, bleach and rinse the cloth often! Don't put wet-wipes down the pan, they contain plastic fibres for strength, wot end up in the ocean.

Use newspapers, like everyone used to. - the reason fish and chips stopped using newspapers was that modern inks are in the paper itself or the ink is not fully dry. It will rub of on, er um, you!

There's a fiolk memory of how to behave in a crisis of this scale in the UK anyway. - for those wot can rush out and garner wot is available - I would submit it is merely grand or great grand or parent's tales.

WARNING. My old Gran would have remembered WW1/2 and all her tinned food had the date purchased written on and she used in rotation or as we electronic engineers style it FIFO (first in first out - other styles are available). Read the sell-by-date or make yer own! And use logically.