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Posted By: Donuel
24-Feb-20 - 09:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: 2020 national election, USA - BIDEN wins Nov 7
Subject: RE: BS: 2020 national election, USA
Stream of consciousness posts are best understood by their authors.
But even then...

The most profound post I have seen is that no one knows, not the pundits, Putin or public. The variables of a pandemic and money thrown around by the billions along with ideologic challenges and Trump uncerntainties is beyond any computational power I know of.

Of course I would not deny anyone the need to whinge away.

The basics will not go away however;

Those who believe that the only business of America is business is still pitted against "We the People".

The people who believe that all life is worth saving is pitted against
those who want to hang, behead, deport, war against and bomb.

It is more complex than good vs. evil. Or is it?