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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
19-Jan-20 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Broken Govt Pledges: 1 UK Political thread
Subject: RE: BS: Broken Govt Pledges: 1 UK Political thread
This is no longer it.

I just removed yards and yards of name calling and personal squabbling that has nothing to do with politics or pledges at this point.

Just because someone disagrees with your politics is not a reason to ban them from Mudcat, and it's pointless to moan about it here. Just because someone is a royal flaming asshole and does it to yank your chain is not a reason to kick them out, though it does get posts deleted and threads closed when you take the bait and answer. The personal insults are uncalled for, whatever your political leanings. I have had PMs asking to remove insults, then the same individuals will turn around later and sling their own. You can't have it both ways.