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Posted By: Senoufou
18-Jan-20 - 01:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: Harry and Meghan
Subject: RE: BS: Harry and Meghan
Ha Dave! I had to look up 'Tyke' and saw that it means a person from Yorkshire!

I get very angry when people judge someone on the basis of their appearance, race, origin or religion etc. As I said earlier, I hate generalisations. They are not only despicable but extremely misleading. It happens quite a lot in UK. One hears 'The Welsh' (eg Anne Robinson) 'Pikeys' 'Muslims' 'Old People' etc as if each and every person from that group has exactly the same character, like a set of clones.

I am very much 'on guard' about this, as my husband falls into several categories (black, Muslim, immigrant, Norwich City and Man U supporter etc) any one of which could expose him to unpleasant prejudice.

I actually think Meghan is stunningly beautiful, but that has no bearing on how she fits in with the Royals. I do wonder if her 'woke' ideas contrast rather strongly with some of the stuck-in-the-fifties Royals.
Hopefully the couple will find what they seek in North America, and be free from constraint and formality which they seem to find unbearable.
As for Blooming Andrew, well... he's probably sighing with relief that the public are concentrating on Harry & Meghan, and he can 'lie low sayin' nuffink'.