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Posted By: Steve Shaw
18-Jan-20 - 11:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Broken Govt Pledges: 1 UK Political thread
Subject: RE: BS: Broken Govt Pledges: 1 UK Political thread
I agree about fighting fire with fire. Not so much about digging dirt, simply because the dirt is already out in the open. Labour should have been screaming loud about the fact that the NHS was in relatively brilliant nick ten years ago. Look at it now (just make sure you never need A&E, and as for that op, well some time in mid-2021 if you're lucky... Ten years ago the medics pooped their pantalons if there was even a threat of missing that 18-week target - remember that?) All those promises about fixing social care and care for the elderly - all quietly down the pan. Same with the police service. School buildings in dangerous crumbling condition, nothing done. A decade in which public sector pay was virtually frozen for no good reason whatsoever. The exploitation culture of millions on zero-hours or in the gig economy. Bejaysus, we even let the Tories get away with crowing about it, telling us that "there are more people in work than ever before..." Pensions totally screwed. Bloody food banks and people living in cardboard boxes ballooning out of control. Schools being put in the hands of spivs who know bugger all about education. The bonuses carrying on as the rich get ever richer. All in the last ten years. I mean, where was the outrage?