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Posted By: robomatic
15-Jan-20 - 08:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: US war with Iran begins
Subject: RE: BS: US war with Iran begins
Just saw it last night. Agree fully with Steve. Superbly executed, paced, cinematography, great score by Thomas Newman, not a criticism but it went easy on some of the mass horrors of the war. One of the main characters has survived The Somme, so it's transmitted in his behavior and actions. The real-time nature of this movie is rarely seen and takes an incredible amount of prep and coordination.

As a relatively ignorant Yank brought up by veterans of WWII I took the fact that there had been a WWI to be that it must have been a sort of 'warmup'. Only a few years ago the advent of a six part documentary series called "The Great War and the Shaping of the Twentieth Century" which set me right and was hugely informative.

Back to Iran. For those of us on the West side of the pond, Fresh Air is going to air an interview with someeone behind the fresh release of Iranian internal documents which inform the part Solemeini played in exercising Iranian policy in Iraq. It is apparently a shared story between an online site called The Intercept and The New York Times. I just heard this on the way over to the coffee shop. I'll be looking a the publications shortly, at least the NYT.