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Posted By: Senoufou
15-Jan-20 - 03:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: Harry and Meghan
Subject: RE: BS: Harry and Meghan
I agree Allan about the excessive coverage. I'm getting very tired of page after page in the newspapers and also on TV News programmes. It isn't after all of any serious import to the country. Whether this couple stay or go will have little effect on us. (Which means perhaps that I need not have started this thread!)

I think it's the financial implications which concern most people. They shouldn't be funded by the State to do nothing at all.

As for Andrew, I do think he should be questioned by the Police if there is any possibility he has sexually abused young women who were coerced/trafficked by his pervy mate.

I also agree to some extent with Steve (hee hee!). The Monarchy is a relic of the days when forelock-tugging 'plebs' were enchanted with them and thereby accepted their lot as disadvantaged underlings. 'They' represented the Rich, and 'we' agreed to remain very much less well-off, admirably kept in our place.
This is why I feel the Royals are now an anachronism, and we need to move on from those times.