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Posted By: Allan Conn
15-Jan-20 - 03:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Harry and Meghan
Subject: RE: BS: Harry and Meghan
The comparisons with the abdication crisis in the 1930s (which is sometimes suggested in the media) is surely way over the top? That was the case of the Head of State abdicating, or being forced to abdicate, thus involved the constitution of the country itself. Let's face it Harry is only 6th in line so there is no crisis for the country.

This is more an internal issue for the Royal Family itself (ie the firm losing some of its major players) and a massive celeb story. Take away the current celeb factor and it isn't even that unprecedented a story for the past few months. We have the brother of the person who is second in line for the throne voluntary stepping back from royal duties for family reasons! Just a few weeks ago we had the brother of the person who is first in line for the throne being forced to step back from royal duties because of his connections to a sex abuse story! What is the potentially more damaging story to the Royal Family??? In fact I imagine that the fact that Andrew has now been knocked off the tabloids by his nephew might in some ways be a bit of a relief for the firm.

As to the coverage! Way over the top. One national paper had the first 16 pages covering the story! Yes it is a media story but the media is itself going to excess in the pushing of it. I don't personally come across the same level of interest among people at large where I am. It's been barely mentioned, if at all, when I've been in the pub or at the club.