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Posted By: Nick
14-Jan-20 - 05:07 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Song decoding app - chords, tempo, etc..
Subject: RE: Tech: Song decoding app - chords, tempo, etc..

I actually think that deCoda is rather better than I first thought but NOT for what it is built for - ie giving you chords. I may experiment with a full copy at some point when I have some time.

While it specifically doesn't go from WAV --> midi the Pianoroll with spectral view does get quite close. It does at least identify things though it is still miles behind Melodyne which can do it in seconds to - IMHO - a very high level of proximity. The pianoroll shows the melodic content of your song and lets you pick the notes that you can use for transcription (no automatic audio to MIDI). Results can be played back and exported as MIDI to your DAW or notation software.

I was chatting to a guitarist I play with and was saying that it is easy to go from Youtube video or anything to sheet music in a matter of minutes using Audacity, Melodyne (30 day free trial) and Musescore. The longest part of the process is getting the audio from the video though there are probably less clunky ways to do it than I did on the example above which hence took about 4 minutes