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Posted By: Steve Shaw
13-Jan-20 - 07:38 PM
Thread Name: Review: Lost threads
Subject: RE: Review: Lost threads
Mossback messages me frequently and calls himself Bill. I call him Bill all the time here because I think he's called Bill. Greg Furness is a very good man. Greg knew how to get up noses but his sentiments were morally spot-on. Greg's posts and Mossback's posts are different in expression and demeanour. If it's the same bloke, he's doing an amazing job of keeping two identities separate. In the past I've found people who try that on to give themselves away very quickly. Bobad is the prime example. This IP address business is a bit odd, and a minefield, innit, Joe? You told me several years go (I have the PM) that you'd pinned down, via IP addresses, bobad as someone who also posted anonymously as a guest in order to troll. The indirect upshot of that was to prevent unsigned people posting in BS. A very good move. These days, y'all tell us that you can't possibly track Iains down. Thing is, you can just cancel his membership and rid this place of a major cause of the blight that you're always complaining about. But you won't. I think I'm beginning to work out why.

And if you get rid of Jim this forum dies. Your choice. You can nitpick about me, Jim and Dick, but where's your vision, Joe?