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Posted By: Steve Shaw
13-Jan-20 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: Review: Lost threads
Subject: RE: Review: Lost threads
Yeah, Joe, you are the utimate in defensiveness. I asked you to call me by my real name, which is Steve. It's the only name I've used on any forum I've been on, it's honest and plain and I don't think it's asking too much to want you to not twist it around. You appear to have refused. I threatened to call you Holy Joe if you persisted but I've refrained. I'll go high, Joe, and leave that particular piece of petty small-mindedness, and childishness, to you. As for humour, I post more in joke threads than anyone else. Don't argue with me over that, Jim, because you're too old to wrestle me... :-). I inject my brand of humour into many a long thread (including this one: I'm not asking anyone to laugh...) and I often do it to relieve tension. On the question of facts, bobad has not been banned from this forum. On Iains, his contributions, an inappropriate word in fact, are not "political conservatism." They are variously neo-fascist rants and propaganda. And his input to the music section, despite your claim, is tokenistic and minimal. He's a far-right plant, but, for reasons you have never remotely convincingly explained, you actually want him here. We can guess, educatedly. You have admitted to me more that once in private messages that he's a "bad troll." So do something. Sweeten the place. Make your life ten times easier.