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Posted By: Joe Offer
13-Jan-20 - 05:21 PM
Thread Name: Review: Lost threads
Subject: RE: Review: Lost threads
OK, I guess I ought to address some things. Let's deal with Dick Miles (Sandman) first, because he's mostly tagging along for the ride and has no recent reason for complaint (although that doesn't stop him from complaining).

Dick Miles (aka, Sandman, Good Soldier Schweik, and Captain Birdseye) complained recently because KarenH changed her name to Guest,Pseudonymous (I was annoyed about that, too, but not enough to take any action against her). Dick was offended when I brought up his own history of name changes.

Dick was also offended because I called him "arsehole" in a personal message. He neglected to say that this was in 2009, when I gave him a humorous "Certified Asshole" award after months of receiving complaints several times a week from him about real or imagined "personal attacks" against him. Much of the time, the "attacks" were simply remarks that disagreed with Dick. The worst were from people who didn't like his performance in a concert. Oftentimes, he wouldn't tell me where the objectionable message was, so I had to go back and ask him. Finally, I had enough of the pettiness of his complaints, so I gave him the asshole award. It was probably naughty to give him such an award, but do I have to be perfect all the time?

Oh, and then my purported attack on Nic Jones, which took place in the Folk Snobbery thread. I thought I gave a reasonable clarification of what I had intended to say, but apparently I was not satisfactorily contrite. No doubt, Sandman will be going on about this putative offense for the next ten years. But please, I apologize and grovel and the feet of All England for my careless use of the word "which."

Dick is also insulted about the "Walter Pardon Industry," but it's better to talk about that later.

So, that's the deal with Sandman. He's a capable musician and I've learned a lot from things he's posted when he's actually talking about music. But he is very easily offended and likely to complain about offenses for years and years. And if he takes offense, he goes on and on and on about it.