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Posted By: Joe G
13-Jan-20 - 01:26 PM
Thread Name: Types of folk music you like or dislike
Subject: RE: Types of folk music you like or dislike
Finally got some time at the PC to respond to this!

Do you like and listen to recordings of the source singers?

No - have heard the Coppers & Joseph Taylor singing Brigg Fair and that's about it - though I do recognise their importance and understand why others find them of interest or even enjoy them

Do you prefer revival and present day singers?

Yes - my way into folk music was largely due to people like Johnny Handle, Jez Lowe & Ged Foley, the singers at the Nursery Folk club then folk rock - Steeleye and Five Hand Reel were the earliest - I didn't really get to know Fairport until much later

Do you like songs accompanied or unaccompanied?

Generally accompanied but very good unaccompanied singing can be a joy. I'm thinking particularly about Coope, Boyes and Simpson (together and individually) and a Yorkshire based, mostly unaccompanied female trio Yan Tan Tether who perform an interesting arrange of material including Bulgarian songs which I love

Do you like traditional, contemporary or both?

Both but with far more emphasis on contemporary. When I listen to traditional I prefer the arrangements to be interesting - eg Jim Moray, Jon Boden & Remnant Kings, Bellowhead. I prefer songs that have a direct relevance to the current day or recent past - though I love mining songs, many sailing songs and other industrial songs. I am not so keen on rural folk songs. Favourite contemporary songwriters not already mentioned here include John Tams (a folk God in my eyes!), Robb Johnson, Reg Meuross, Joe Solo, Grace Petrie, Nick Hall & Michelle Plum, Joseph Porter of Blyth Power (a genius with lyrics!) - there are so many more!

What about electric folk?

Oh yes in all its forms from crusty folk rock to modern electronica - eg Broadcaster, Jim Moray again, Runrig (once my favourite bands and still up there - got their final concert DVD for Christmas, Skippinish - again so many more!

Dance music, social or ritual?

Used to adore ceilidhs but my other half isn't up to them now and I'm getting that way. Blowzabella are a candidate for my all time favourite band along with Tickled Pink. Still love the music. Used to be in a morris team in my late teens but I was always going up when everyone else was going down so I didn't follow it through to adulthood once I moved away from home. Still enjoy the music though

As well as British and Irish folk I particularly enjoy music from around the world with the exception of the Far East (for the want of a better term). Not overly keen on South Asian music either but there are of course exceptions - Ragu Dixit is tremendous!

Enough for now - I've missed lots of people I love but gives you an idea. No suprises in there I suspect! :-)