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Posted By: Nick
13-Jan-20 - 10:43 AM
Thread Name: Review: Lost threads
Subject: RE: Review: Lost threads
(Not the Nick referred to above)

Here's a serious suggestion why not have a 'Deleted Posts' thread where all the deleted posts could be put? I think it might serve certain positive functions.

It would highlight who was being deleted
It would highlight what behaviours lead to deletion - the aggrieved/deleted party then would have the choice as to maintaining or changing their behaviour
It would allow others to judge whether it was justified or not.
It would also name and shame - and highlight whether it is biased or fair

And it would allow those who just love reading the disagreements to wallow in the joy of reading through pages and pages of abuse, trolling, purposeful misunderstanding, etc etc etc


Then it could stay out of the threads and we could talk about music.

I don't post much (50 - 300 posts per year) compared with those who posts are measured in thousands.

Over the years I have met people through it, played music through it, been helped by and helped others (hopefully, I try), and had some very silly days posting rubbish and terrible puns and I thank Max and those who run it that it is here and keeps going.

There does seem to be a race too get back to long running arguments and antipathies that cross threads with alacrity and it does get in the way of a lot of the positive stuff that goes on here.

I think I may start a rather more positive thread with a positive message but thought I would put something here.