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Posted By: Jim Carroll
13-Jan-20 - 10:39 AM
Thread Name: Review: Lost threads
Subject: RE: Review: Lost threads
Walter's eating habits weer exactly what I was talking about as part of thee treatment meted out to him
If, in a discussion about our work with Travellers say, someone made the comment that I picked my nose, I would be somewhat pissed off - not because I found it insulting, but because it would be a diversion away from the important things we have done or the mistakes we might have made
Typical of this type of thing is the fact that it has been impossible to discuss the work we did with Ewan because every time the subject is brought up it immediately sinks under a barrage of name change, war record and political leanings
We loose a chance to debate ten years work on singing folk songs every time
When I suggested that we concentrate on the important aspects of Ewan's work on the last thread about him, not only was I accused of censorship (by a fellow Mudcatter I believed to be a friend) but that accusation was repeated by Joe and I was suspended for two weeks
I don't think Walter's eating habits are fit for public discussion - it would have mortified him and it angered me
It wouldn't surprise me if people started debating why he had TWO SHEDS He actually had three!!

If I over-reacted at the time I apologise - that happens too us all - my point remains, both about Walter's eating habits and Ewan's contribution to the theory of singing

Your comments go no way to explain or apologisee for your own behaviour Steve, yet you choose to single out mine as if your were innocent of all sin
We are as guilty as one another in these matters - laying the blame on others does not alter that one iota