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Posted By: Jim Carroll
13-Jan-20 - 09:55 AM
Thread Name: Review: Lost threads
Subject: RE: Review: Lost threads
"bullying and insulting the mods is not going to get you anywhere,"
Describing their behaviour is harsdly "bullying and insulting" anybody Steve, it's simple defending yourself
Ifsomeone was to suggest you were suffering from dementia would you sit on your hands because it came from a mod ?
I should hope not
If we are regarded as "old men" and treated like "children" there is no future for this forum
Your "common sense" suggests a bias or a suggestion I am telling lies (which is why I didn't include you on my list when I circulated my protest to Joe
Say so if that's what you think
You have chosen your side obviously - there shouldn't have to be sides
You can and have been as abusive as anybody here as I have pointed out on the Fakelore thread (without my having named you) - first look to thyself (teh Bard)
As far as repetition goes, that happens in every argument when those arguments are ignored - be it in a pub, a political debate or a discussion forum - contention can be a positive thing if it is handled correctly
There's nothing more offputtingly boring than a discussion beteween nodding dogs
It is not for you to criticise how anybody choosed to make their point