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Posted By: Steve Shaw
13-Jan-20 - 09:48 AM
Thread Name: Review: Lost threads
Subject: RE: Review: Lost threads
"...although JC thinks the sun shines out of his hero's bottom..."

And you think that helps?

I've never much of a MacColl fan myself. I appreciate his place in our music and some of his songs are sublime. Unlike Jim, I never knew the man in person, was never his friend and never worked with him. What I know of him, that he could be a troubled and troublesome man, that he was allegedly dictatorial at times, has to be full of caveats because everything I think I know is second- or third-hand. Now I could come on here, watching Jim out of the corner of my evil eye, gleefully anticipating a response and attack MacColl and all the stuff Jim says about him, and Jim to boot. I could tell Jim that he's daft because he thinks the sun shines out of his hero's bottom, like you've just done. Well wouldn't that just get us everywhere. Jim is highly opinionated on matters that he is entitled, with his intimate knowledge, to be highly opinionated about. And if he thinks you're wrong he'll tell you so. If you insulted him in your attack, he might just insult you back. It's a very unhappy scenario, is that. So why do you do it? I'm not jealous of Jim's knowledge. I could probably lose him on Mozart and Beethoven but I'm damn sure that wouldn't make him jealous. I'm attacked here by one particular blithering jealous idiot here because I'm a retired classroom science teacher. Wow.

I've only ever seen one mod operating on TheSession website and on the sadly-demised Gaughan forum. They rule(d) with a firm grip. If you sounded mean-spirited you'd get the famous "love letter." Good temper and positive demeanour demanded at all times. That sets the ethos that is so lamentably lacking at times here. If you trolled you were bloody well given the boot, for a week, a month, a year or forever. No commentary allowed. You were The Disappeared. I'd bet my last shirt that those mods have/had a lot less work to do than our overworked lot.