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Posted By: Jim Carroll
13-Jan-20 - 08:19 AM
Thread Name: Review: Lost threads
Subject: RE: Review: Lost threads
Can I just sort things ourt as far as my behaviour
I never personally insult people but I quite often respond badly when people insult me - which has become commonplace, from comments about my age to racist remarks because of where I live (I'm a Brit living in Ireland)
Jim B's behaviour when I criticised his own personal superstat were as insulting as they come so if I insulted him, I gave as good as a got from him

The problem really arises when mods look down on people they work for - us
Complaints on trolls have met eith personal abiuse ranging from "you lot are worse than they are" to one claiming I am suffering from dementia - anybody who uses that dreadful affliction as an insult is beneath contempt in my book
Members here are persistently treated like children - one posted to me last week that "I am sorry I have to treat "old men" like children
That's's no way for anybody to act
Saying we can't criticise the mods is like saying we can't criticise our MPs when they are elected - the difference of course is tat we are not give the chance of who moderates us
The jonb of mods used to be to keep us from going for each other
Now they decide what we can discuss (as with Walter Pardon) and how long we can discuss subjects
A numbner of threads have been closed because a mod has decided we have debated it has been debated enough - that is for us to decide, surely
I have little doubt this discussion will disappear shortly - somethibng to do with the Transatlantic timeline that it hasn't already

Still nobody has refered to how Walter has been treated by the mods and trolss
(Can I hastily add that I am not referring to all the mods - just one)
Jim Carroll