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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
08-Jan-20 - 11:11 AM
Thread Name: BS: kitchen remodel: organization
Subject: RE: BS: kitchen remodel: organization

To begin with, I have four drawers top to bottom in my kitchen peninsula where (from the top) there is the silverware and various serving items that fit, next, the kitchen gadget drawer where you find the rolling pins, the canning lifter, the funnels and pastry brushes and pie server and tons of stuff that is small enough to fit in a drawer. Next is the drawer with the waxed paper, plastic wrap, baggies, etc. and the bottom drawer has the attachment pieces to the Kitchenaid stand mixer, the blades for the food processor, and the old hand mixer and spare hotpads.

To the right of those drawers is one more drawer on top of a cupboard that encompasses the corner space and is huge - three different doors open on different sides of that peninsula. And the drawer there is the most important "junk drawer" - you know the one I mean - I'm in it several times a day, it's where the needle nose pliers, kitchen scissors, tape measure, spare batteries, key rings, spare keys, shoe laces, screw drivers, wrenches, awl, every small thing that needs to be corralled because you use them frequently, live.

There are a couple of more drawers on either side of the stove, where hot pads and more small kitchen gadgets live. I absolutely agree with Dave - drawers and shallow cabinets are the way to go. Deep cabinets (like that corner one under the peninsula counter) are a pain-in-the-ass. I lose track of stuff down there. I recently reorganized it with a lot less stuff, just so I can find what is in there (a lot of stuff went in the donation bin to go to Goodwill.)

The drawers are so you don't have too much stuff sitting on your counter tops, that way you can spread out and work when you have a big project. And it looks much better not to be always cluttered.