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Posted By: leeneia
08-Jan-20 - 01:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: kitchen remodel: organization
Subject: RE: BS: kitchen remodel: organization
Raggytash, you are right, but unfortunately I've run out of land. Can't add the 6 extra cupboards and 5 meters of counter.

I studied the plans yesterday and noticed that they have one drawer. These are the things I need to put in drawers:

cooking tools
bags: ziplock bags, slow cooker bags, oven bags, trash bags. green bags, bread bags, handle bags,
   fruit bags (to cut open and put over bread dough*)
   paper bags (to start fires in the barbecue)

parchment paper
waxed paper
aluminum foil (though I hate to use it)
dish towels
pot holders

*spray it with non-stick spray first

And I'm not even a foodie.

In the books, they proudly showcased a tiny shelf with two orange cans on it - the spices, presumably cinnamon and chili powder. I counted my spices - at the time I had 50. But I've cut down some since then.

If I let the builders "just go ahead", the spices will either be down low where I can't get at them or up high where I can't read the labels. I'm trying to avoid that.
We have ordered blue tiles for the backsplash. One day I was in my kitchen and noticed I have a blue door to the basement, blue potholders, and blue bowls from ranging in size from huge to dinky. I heard my soul telling me that I love blue, so just get blue.

If we like the tile (and I think we will), picking the other colors will be much simpler. For example, from the plethora of floor tile neutrals, pick the one with a little blue in it. Same with countertops. What a relief!
Our contractor told us that he rebuilds kitchens for $50,000 for people who don't want their kitchen to have a 90's look. To me that's unfathomable.

You should have seen the guy's face when we told him we needed a place for the cuckoo clock.