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Posted By: Richard Mellish
07-Jan-20 - 07:56 AM
Thread Name: Types of folk music you like or dislike
Subject: RE: Types of folk music you like or dislike
> Do you like and listen to recordings of the source singers?

> Do you prefer revival and present day singers?
Sometimes. I prefer a good revival singer to a source singer who was well past his/her prime, but I can still enjoy the source singer in a different way.

> Do you like songs accompanied or unaccompanied?
No preference if the accompaniment is exactly that, but I hate "accompaniment" that smothers the words. I also hate an instrumental introduction that lasts for more than a few bars, especially if it's not even the proper tune but just noodling.

> Do you like traditional, contemporary or both?
Both, but it depends on the song, and a lot of contemporary material does nothing for me (and likewise some traditional, especially if I've heard a particular song too often).

> What about electric folk?
Tolerable if it neither smothers the words nor wastes time, but that is very rare.

> Dance music, social or ritual?
Yes. Used to play for a morris side, still participate in sessions occasionally, and I do dance (general international and especially Swedish).

One more preference: I am quite happy to join in choruses, but I object to the notion of a "chorus song" that seems to exist mainly for the sake of the chorus; one of my pet hates is a performer's starting out by "teaching" the chorus before starting the song proper; and another pet hate is adding an extra chorus at the end.