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Posted By: Raggytash
07-Jan-20 - 05:42 AM
Thread Name: Types of folk music you like or dislike
Subject: RE: Types of folk music you like or dislike
I have found that most "source singers" I have either seen or listen to tend to be a tad tedious and stodgy, not natural entertainers so I moved away from them many years ago.

I was fortunate to be living in Manchester in the late 60's, early 70's when the folk scene there seemed to be thriving with a choice of various clubs every night of the week with a vast array of great performers across a wide spectrum of what I consider to be folk music. From Mary Asquith and Tom Yates, through Marie Little, Rosie Hardman, Ted Edwards, Mike Harding, The Beggarmen, Jolly Jack, The Oldham Tinkers, Planxty and countless others. There was, on reflection, a fair number of below par acts too.

I really enjoy unaccompanied song, especially when sung in harmony, words matter a lot to me. Like Dave I care not if the song was "written yesterday or a thousand years ago"

Not really a great lover of electronic folk, it tends to distract from the words or make them difficult to decipher, but like Dave a touch of Brass instrumentation is a joy, must be my Northern roots.

Dance is really a closed book to me, I've got two left feet, both on a right leg.

I have to say that I find performers of today tend to be far better musicians than they were "back in my day", they tend (in my experience) to have a better understanding of where the music came from and they tend to be far better singers.

In fact the standards of today are far higher (again in my opinion) than they were a few decades ago.