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Posted By: Georgiansilver
03-Jan-20 - 06:45 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat Poetry Corner
Subject: RE: Mudcat Poetry Corner
Summer to Autumn to Winter to Spring to Summer,

When the savage heat of Summer, has begun to fade away,
And the first great shower of Summer rain, deigns to invade our day.
The petrichor, such fragrant aroma, delights our sense of smell,
And man and woman, and child all know that everything is well.

When the leaves and flowers have gently drooped, and birds less sing.
íTis then mens feelings, lightly turn to thoughts of love, not Spring.
As the dark of night, much earlier, closes in to end our day,
Migrating birds have taken flight, to find warmth far away.

The rainclouds start to form, the old North wind begins to blow,
It forces in the coldness, that predicts the fall of snow.
Then Christmas songs resound around the shops in every town,
And money is spent on presents, so that no-one gets let down.

Then soon that Christmas cheer is gone. and Wintertime sets in,
With chilly New Year winds, with frost and snow it all wears thin.
Iced up windscreens, iced up locks, and cars that fail to start,
Sliding your car to work, has now become a work of art.

But itís not a time to be fed up, it wonít last, very long,
Spring will be here very soon, with the birds all in fine song.
The land will fill with lovely sights, of flowers and leaves anew,
With landscapes all bedecked with flora, all of wondrous hue.

The land will glow with Spring delight, the sun will shine so bright,
It will get stronger every day, then comes the shorter night.
With Spring rains gone and smells afresh, life is great itís plain,
As the land heats up and people too, Summerís here again.

Michael J Hill © December 2019.