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Posted By: Jim Carroll
19-Nov-19 - 03:40 AM
Thread Name: The current state of folk music in UK
Subject: RE: The current state of folk music in UK
"Or just maybe he was pissed off with all the hypocrisy."
You need to read Dylan's biographies - or maybe Joanie Baezs's - the lady he ruthlessly used as a stairway to stardom and threw away when he got their
Dylan was a careerist user as distinct from the people who dedicated their lives to folk music - he couldn't even be arsed to go to The South to support the Freedom Riders he built his career singing about - how's that for hypocrisy
The stench of hypocrisy rises every time Bobby Believers make an issue of MacColl's name change (adopted to avoid prison) while totally ignoring that their own flavour of the month did exactly the same to boost his career

I'm going to avoid the "aren't we doing well" nonsense - everything I have to say has been said, as has these fallacious claims
The numbers in their low hundred of clubs says how well they are doing and the rush for the internet and fame and fortune is only proof that the scene has been ripped from its roots and that a scramble for stardom has replaced a love of folk song proper
Neil Young - for crying out loud, and this from self styled folk academics as well as supposed lovers of folk music!!!

Dave's sneering reference to 'the good old days' coupled with a suggestion taht they be "ignored" really does make me howl, given the situation
One of the unsung heroes on this forum (CJB - Chris) has given more than enough proof of how good those days where with the many hundreds of radio programmes he has dug up and made available, from Bert Lloyd's classics to the hundred or so 'Folkweave' or 'Folk on Two' and many many more, all catering for every taste and description of folk song and beyond, that were common way back then   
All gone, and if Dave gets his way, safely forgotten

I watched with stunned pleasure last night, an hour long programme on Irish Television covering the importance of folk song in Irish 20th century history - it was the first of four
The subject was basically about the songs but was treated as a serious historical documentary - one traditional music expert (Terry Moylan, the compiler of the magnificent 'The Indignant Muse'
The rest were major journalists, historians, a National Librarian and several politicians
The historical footage was beyond description in its importance
Ireland seems to be embracing it's traditional song and music while England is rejecting it as fast as possible to make room for pop stars and schmaltz

On MacColl's 100th anniversary, Pat and I tentatively approached an Irish radio station, via a friend and asked would they be prepared to do perhaps a half hour dedication
Our producer friend was dragged in with both hands and given two, hour long programmes, complete with expenses for us to visit and interview Peggy Seeger for three days in Oxford

Pat and I have now done around a dozen radio Preogrammes on folk song on Irish radio nd two television features
I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that they might be interested in doing ono on Walter Pardon -
The chances of England doing one are minimal at present and, if he continues to be treated with the disregard he has been on this forum, they will never find a spot for him on English radio unless we can produce him singing soft rock and Country and Western

If folkies don't cherish their cultural folk wealth, I can't see how anybody else will
Jim Carroll