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Posted By: Backwoodsman
15-Nov-19 - 02:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK General election December 12 2019
Subject: RE: BS: UK General election December 12 2019
You’ve been reading the Daily Fail and listening to that pair of lying c**ts Farage and Johnson again, Al. You’ve fallen for their nonsense, which is designed to appeal to their audience’s confirmation bias’, a.k.a. ‘Tell them what their prejudices want to hear’.

The truth is that the UK gets fewer asylum applicants than many of the other ‘top’ EU Member-States - fewer than Hungary, Sweden, Italy, France, around the same number as Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland, and considerably fewer than Germany - click the link and scroll down to the table headed ‘Number of First-Time Asylum Applicants’.

And the answer to your question is, why wouldn’t the minority of migrants who attempt to come to the UK want to come here? Over the past couple of centuries at least, we have been a country that welcomes the weak and disadvantaged, we have stood up and fought tyrants not only for our own freedom but, more importantly, the freedom of other, weaker nations, we have built a successful economy, and we have (for the time being at least) a reasonably decent system of health and social care.

And we speak English - still the standard business-language and Lingua Franca of the whole world.

You like living here - so much so that you want to pull up the drawbridge, isolate us from the world’s biggest trading bloc - our nearest neighbours - and stop ‘them foreigners’ from coming here. Isn’t that what the Brexiteers’ mantra, Cummings’ rabble-rousing slogan ‘Take Back Control’ is all about?

In other words, they see the UK as Safety and Opportunity. Why wouldn’t somebody running from rape, murder, starvation, and other horrors we can only imagine, or even simply economic need, want to come here? And why would any decent, civilised, humane person want to stop them?