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Posted By: Jim Carroll
14-Nov-19 - 04:58 AM
Thread Name: The current state of folk music in UK
Subject: RE: The current state of folk music in UK
I regard postings from trolls telling me not to post have the opposite effect -thanks for the encouragement to go on Troll

Al - most music has it's roots in the past and comes back to life at the point of performance - not sure what that was all about
We are talking about what is being passed off as 'folk' which has nothing to do with that description
People keep taling about 'definitions' and 'rules' - they are the only ones to do so
For me, if you are going to involve yourself in pulicly presenting folk music there are a a couple of guidelines
a. You respect your audiences by giving them what you tell them you are giving them - if you don't, you are conning them
b. You respect the music you are giving them by performing it to a level that it doesn't damage its image or its identity

The attitude to folk music being shown by today's clubs breaches both of those guidlelines and the reluctance to discuss it indicates that that today's scene respects neither the audiences nor the music nor those who come to listen to folk song
The reason for this was put perfectly by an earlier poster - the clubs are being run for the benefit of the performers, the audiences and the music has ceased to count

"You could listen to ThWell down in the Valley, or Knife and Sheath half a dozen times without having a clue what they were about. They're a bit cryptic - wouldn't you agree?"
Like all worthwhile things, sometimes you have to work at something to appreciate it
I take it you are not a film fan or a reader (or maybe you confine yourself to Star Wars and Jack Ryan)
Both of these ballads have survived fro centuries - 'Well' was preserved in the non-literate Traveller community
If they found it worth listening to, why can't we ?