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Posted By: keberoxu
11-Nov-19 - 05:28 PM
Thread Name: Leslie Hutchinson 'Hutch'('30's cabaret)
Subject: RE: Leslie Hutchinson 'Hutch'('30's cabaret)
Greetings, Thomas Stern,
and for my answer to your question,
you need to open another
Mudcat music thread.

The thread title is
Lyrics Add: "High Fidelity,"    Flanders & Swann,
which of course refers to
"Song of Reproduction."

A couple of posts into the thread,
I have provided a link to the very recording
that features the exact lyrics
referencing "Caruso" and   "Hutch" .
The confusion is understandable:
Two live performances of "At the Drop of a Hat"
appeared on vinyl long-playing albums,
and while the list of songs was nearly identical,
the songs themselves varied
according to which performance it was.

"Song of Reproduction" was one of the pieces
in which one set of words appeared in one performances,
and a different set of words in the other.

"The Reluctant Cannibal" received the same treatment,
especially during the long spoken passages.
Both performances sing:
I won't eat people! Eating people is wrong!

only one of those performances, if I recall right,
features Michael Flanders bellowing,
They'll eat you even if they can't digest your opinions!