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Posted By: Raedwulf
10-Nov-19 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Rumpelstiltskin, thousands of years old?
Subject: RE: Folklore: Rumpelstiltskin, thousands of years old?
Steve - Mike Rust still owes me a sweatshirt that he lost. Shonaleigh, I got partnered with her on a storyteller course at The Edge. Which ought to have been totally terrifying, but was actually great fun. Especially when I messed up the story we'd been working on so we had to quickly improvise! ;-) Under Hugh Lupton's tutelage, for whatever that's worth. And he later admitted that he'd given us a horror of a story that he didn't think could be reduced to the time constraints we were supposed to work within ("The Three Deck Ship").

Anne - "I just wanted to knock the old chestnut of "people didn't travel much" on the head." Knock away, you'll still be wrong. I am not in the right frame of mind to argue this in detail right now; I've held off replying to your 7/11 6:30PM for that very reason. You seem to me to be a much more studious storyteller than I ever was & I will happily ask questions, rather than challenge, if I am at odds with whatever you care to declare.

But not on history. Most people, most anywhere, most of the time, did not go anywhere. Occasional migrations, either mass (the presumed waves of tribal migrations out of central Asia / Eastern Europe, which were decades & centuries long in any case) or "personal" such as Huguenots fleeing persecution, are rare & exceptional. I think perhaps you've misunderstood what I was getting at with that. Your own market town comment emphasises my point, not yours. Most people most of the time didn't move around much. They weren't able to (slaves, thralls, peasants tied to their master's needs), or they had no reason to (10 miles is far enough). Until you get to the 17thC as a start (religious upheavals & the beginnings of the industrial revolution), & the mid 19thC especially (mass-migration to urban settings fuelled by the easy medium of railways), most people did NOT move very far from their base point. That's more than ehough time for stories to have percolated without people having had to have move - that's what red blood cells do. If you see what I mean.