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Posted By: Jim Carroll
09-Nov-19 - 07:39 AM
Thread Name: Review: Walter Pardon - Research
Subject: RE: Review: Walter Pardon; Research
"accusing folks in public forum of being racist and far right..."
This feller has expressed his hatred of Travellers and accused Topic Records and the pioneers of the revival of being part of a communist plot (horse and carriage, as far as I'm concerned)
I would point out that the first reaction to the Traveller incident was to deny it outright and when he realised that was unsustainable, he claimed that just because he said it it didn't mean that it was his opinion
What more "evidence" do you want

Anti-Traveller rhetoric is now fully recognised as racism
I am not the first to have questioned his behaviour - his Cold War accusations should have no part in this discussion
I make no pretence of my being a socialist humanitarian - I have no intention of staying silent while I am made a target of somebody's political agenda

"your're the one who will need to back down and apologise."
I have no problem whatever with this when I have been proved wrong
This individual has deliberate and consistently targeted my with personal abuse since our first encounter(reminiscent of someone else on this forum)
In fact, the "dementia" quote he used behind my back while I was away for three days came at the end of a long campaign of personal abuse supported by someone who has been around long enough to know better
The actual quote totally ignored what had gone on on the thread that was closed
No need to take my word for it - the closed "ballad" thread is still available for examination
I may argue strongly and persistent on these threads but I seldom if ever personally insult anybody
Hope your visit to your mum goes well - perhaps you can fit me in sometime :-)