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Posted By: Steve Gardham
08-Nov-19 - 03:54 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Rumpelstiltskin, thousands of years old?
Subject: RE: Folklore: Rumpelstiltskin, thousands of years old?
Entertainers have always moved around all over the world in every era, particularly professional ones. It may be difficult to believe in our age when a message can be passed from one end of the earth to the other in seconds, that before modern technology this was so. Even before print stories, poetry and other forms of literature were greedily translated from one language to another and then endlessly recopied by professional scribes.
Each wealthy household had its own minstrel, or other master of revels, and their performances were open to servants and other workers. The word minstrel is nowadays misleading conjuring up a ballad singer with a lute, but these people in reality had a wide range of talents, organising plays, dances, story-telling. When other forms of travelling entertainment began to displace the retained minstrels during the 16th century the minstrels themselves became itinerant moving from town to town to earn a crust. This is quite without adding in Ann's Sailors and soldiers and a whole host of other probabilities.